Have a great idea you want to develop? A product design that needs finesse?

Need help with manufacturing? Or do you need a prototype?

Our international team of on-trend designers and

savvy factory specialists can turn your idea into a product line

and 3-dimensional prototype ready for manufacturing.

Some of the best inventors, creators, and designers in the business! Professional and experienced, you can count on them to deliver.   

- Jason Heller, Inventions Project Manager at Funfare, LLC


BK Creative Product Design - we MAKE YOUR PRODUCT idea A REALITY

BKC has manufactured numerous products in China for over 30 years. Our products have been distributed and sold in major retail stores on five continents. You can depend on our expert project management and factory oversight to deliver a product that passes the strictest safety tests and meets your retailers' requirements.


Our design team is versatile and always up for a challenge. They have their finger on the pulse of trends in fashion and all forms of aesthetic appeal. The team can make your product function efficiently and intuitively, and they can also make it pop off the shelf with aesthetically pleasing design and packaging.




Once you are happy with your design, it's time to create it! You need a prototype that not only looks they way you want it to, but one that can also be reproduced commercially after you successfully pitch it to a buyer. We create prototypes that realistically represent the final product that will eventually be sold on the shelf!