- Nancy Zwiers

Tatumi was licensed to BANDAI in collaboration with Funosophy.

BKC collaborated with Funosophy to develop Pony Royale for Razor USA.BKC designed fashions and hairstyles for the entire line, and also devised a system whereby all ponies could swap their fashions, manes, and tails!

Created by BKC & Funosophy

Dress these princess ponies with mix & match hairstyles and pop-in fashion accessories.

Each pony's outfit corresponds to her birthstone and includes a saddle blanket, medallion, tiara, anklet, & tail skirt.

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Tatumi capitalizes on the urban vinyl craze,modified for young girls to be easily decorated using temporary tattoos. Tattoos include to-scale makeup and fashion options.

Decorate your dolls with beautiful glittering artwork, using a simple temporary tattoo sponge applicator.

Each doll comes provided with the rosette wand applicator and fashion tattoo portfolio for hair streaks, makeup, & fashion!

Judy is Chief Creative Officer of the best girls toy design firm I have ever worked with. We have collaborated successfully on many projects--both client work-for-hire and inventions. Judy's can-do attitude and generous spirit permeate the culture of BK Creative. Bottom-line, one of my favorite people in the world!

Layer on shimmer effects over your chosen designer color pallet                    

and create a beautifully unique and highly fashionable accessory. Projects include purses, sneakers, T-shirts, stationary, photo frames, phone & laptop covers, wall art, & more!

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CMO, Spin Master Corp

Fashion Marks is a totally new cosmetic-inspired coloring experience with designer color pallets and fashion doodle artwork.

It was successfully licensed to Cra-Z-art.

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Licensed Toy Inventions