Exquisite fashion designs and meticulous attention to the unique personalities of Disney characters earned

Disney's Vendor of the Year Award two years running!

BKC Case Study: Prototype Creation

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BKC Case Study:  Brand Refresh

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Giochi Preziosi hired BKC to design their Sofia the First micro-world doll line.

Because of our distinguished history of creating exquisite Disney dolls, BKC was able to exploit the nuances of the Sofia license within the whimsical parameters of micro product. BKC is well-versed in licensed and non-licensed toy design, and we love Disney!

BKC Case Study: Product Design

Ellie is a very special little character who teaches children about electricity.

To teach in a more practical, hands-on way, she also became a doll, and no ordinary doll! When her right and left feet connect to the electric current, her face lights up! BK collaborated to create a working model true to the inventor's imagination!

- Charles Albert

BK Creative is a design house that leverages 30 years of experience in all facets of the toy industry to create entire brand franchises and new products, that it licenses to global toy companies.

A well-known party baking company felt that their section of the aisle was dull.

They hired BKC to freshen up their brand with new logos, packaging, and product.

BKC designed a bright new look, with unique packaging for baking & decorating kits!

CEO, Creativity, Inc.; Partner, Funfare, LLC

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A team of gifted designers,

creators and doers. We have partnered with BK Creative on many wonderful projects together, as well as been both their vendor and client. Very highly recommended.

Let our experience and expertise work for you.

BK Creative successfully licensed 5 inventions in 2 years with Fortune 500 Companies. Additionally, BK Creative offers creative design work for hire, designing to cost for Asia manufacturing.