Work for Hire

An innovator in their field, Diono provides solutions for all types of travel challenges.                              BKC designed fabric textiles and graphics and play features for booster seats, car seats, strollers,

travel bassinets, play pens, bouncers, and numerous accessories!

Giochi Preziosi hired BKC to develop a micro doll line for Disney's Sofia the First.

It retailed in Europe and was a success with little girls and moms too!

Doll Designer & Illustrator

Click on images to view design gallery.

Click on images to view design gallery.

                 Every bracelet, ring, earring, tiara and wand is much more than it seems.                    

    Tiny micro dolls of Sofia and all of her friends are hidden here and there ready to play!

Gems open to reveal little hidden gardens and palaces where dolls can swing, dance, and discover!

- Heather Fonseca

Click on images to view design gallery.

Pingwee is a warm-hearted little penguin in a world of ice.                                                                   

Cold-climate animal babies sunbathe in the snow, enjoy snow cones,                                          

and play and grow together amidst sparkling snowy play sets and accessories.

Diono hired BKC to design their Little TikesĀ® brand, LalaLoopsy, and original collections.

         It was a pleasure to contribute to family travel comforts & safety!

I was very nervous about handing the designs over to another person, but Judy and her team at BKC did an amazing job. They took my idea, fleshed it out and made it into the adorable, fun line of dolls they are today. I highly recommend BK Creative for any design or development projects.

Mattel hired BKC to design additional collections

to expand the arctic menagerie of small dolls Mattel purchased from BKC/Funosophy.